Empowering Political Inclusion: Advocating for Change in Imo State Politics

We recently engaged with Barr Mrs Ottih the female Deputy Governorship aspirant from ADP and the party leadership emphasizing good governance, affirmative action, and social inclusion. Our focus? To ensure women’s pivotal role is recognized and social inclusion is promoted.

 The overarching goal was to gain insights into the party’s internal policies, particularly in the context of recognizing the pivotal role of women in governance and ascertaining the embrace of social inclusion for Persons with Disabilities (PWD), youth, and other marginalized groups within the ADP.

During the meeting, we placed considerable emphasis on sensitizing the Deputy Governorship Candidate about the mission of the Partners for Good Governance (PGOG) coalition. The coalition, with its three core mandates of good governance, social inclusion, and the promotion of affirmative action, highlighted the critical need for affirmative action. Women’s active representation in Nigerian politics is hindered by significant underrepresentation, necessitating affirmative action as a means to bridge this gap and empower women to hold leadership roles.

A key call to action was directed at the aspirant to ensure that the party’s manifesto and campaign promises are aligned with the needs and aspirations of the citizens, who constitute the majority of the voter population. Reformed policies that reflect the desires of the populace are fundamental in building a more inclusive and participatory political landscape.

 The female Deputy Governorship aspirant encouraged the coalition team to persist in their grassroots-level efforts, fostering capacity building among women. This capacity building equips them to competently compete with their male counterparts, thus ensuring more substantial representation of women in leadership roles. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of supporting and empowering women who have already developed their capacities and are actively representing the populace in political and other leadership positions.

In a culminating moment, the team successfully facilitated the aspirant’s presence on radio, providing a platform for her to vocally advocate for the participation of women in politics. This initiative amplifies the voices of women and champions their cause, contributing to a more inclusive political landscape.

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