Alliances for Africa present as the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy (CISLAC) holds a coordination meeting for the Macarthur foundation project in Abuja on the 17th- 18th July, 2023

 Alliances for Africa (AfA) presented a comprehensive update on her implementation  and planned programs of the CISLAC  project during the coordination meeting held on the 17th and 18th of July, 2023. The meeting’s central theme revolved around “Prioritizing Anti-corruption and Accountability Mechanisms during the 2023 Elections,” a topic of critical importance given the ongoing political landscape.

During the project reporting segment, AfA was commended and celebrated by the donor for consistently adhering to the project reporting template and delivering precise, on-target reports. This commendation holds significant weight, considering the prevalent challenge faced by many implementing partners in meeting reporting requirements. Team AfA’s dedication and proficiency were recognized and applauded, reflecting the organization’s commitment to transparency and efficiency.

The meeting provided a comprehensive review of CISLAC activities as executed by various partners and their impact on the February 2023 Nigerian elections. Partners took the opportunity to share a spectrum of experiences, including successes, challenges encountered, and invaluable lessons acquired throughout the course of implementation. The focal point of their efforts remains promoting Good Governance, Anti-corruption, Transparency, and Accountability across diverse states.

One notable concern voiced by states with off-cycle elections, including Imo, Kogi, and Bayelsa, was the growing issue of voter apathy and reluctance to engage in the forthcoming November 2023 elections. This concerning trend seemed to be a fallout from the outcomes of the February 2023 election. In response to this challenge, partners were encouraged to persist in their sensitization efforts, raising awareness regarding the importance of civic participation and continued engagement post-election. Tracking manifestos and campaign promises, along with advocating for the realization of the Citizens Charter of Demand, were underscored as crucial strategies.

AfA remains committed to actively contributing to the fight against corruption, promoting accountable governance, and encouraging electoral engagement among citizens. The insights shared during this meeting provide a robust foundation for AfA’s strategy moving forward, embodying a collective determination to foster a society marked by transparency, active citizenry, and the elimination of corruption in all its forms.


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