What is the GEOBill?

GEO Bill means Gender and Equal Opportunity Bill. The bill exist to address the concerns expressed by Nigerians particularly women towards the non-domestication of some provisions of international treaties/convention that address human right issues as signed on by Nigeria. Such treaties are International Covenants on Human Rights which affirm the principle of non-discrimination and proclaims that all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and that everyone is entitled to all the rights set out without distinction of any kind including distinction based on sex; the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discriminations Against Women (CEDAW), the  Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Women in Africa ( Maputo Protocol), and our very National Gender Policy (NGP) 2006. The Bill was sponsored by Senator Biodun Christine Olujimi

Objective of the Bill

The bill seeks to bring life to chapters II and IV of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the International Conventions on human rights which advocates for non-discrimination and equal rights and dignity for all. The bill also seeks to provide a national legislation to eliminate all forms of discrimination on the basis of sex/gender/age both in private and public spaces. The GEOBill advocates for women’s right to equal opportunities to realize their full potential and provides protection for women’s bodily rights and integrity.

Why pass the GEOBill into law?

  • The GEOBill prohibits discrimination of all sorts.
  • The GEOBill promotes equality through equity (fairness) among the sexes.
  • The GEOBill proposes to eliminate discrimination as it relates to reproductive health.
  • The GEOBill will address discrimination in governance and leadership position.
  • The GEOBill will ensure non-discrimination with respect to marital status in employment, education,   public and private spaces
  • The GEOBill will modify socio-cultural practices that abuse the human right of women.
  • The GEOBill will promote human rights in matters relating to marriage/family life. It is a bill that benefits all individuals across Nigeria.

Currently, the Nigerian senate has rescheduled public hearing on the Gender and Equal Opportunity (GEOBill) for Monday 19, February 2018. This is a clarion call to all stakeholders to work towards the passage of the GEOBill into law. Media and Civil Society Organization can begin to raise massive awareness on the GEOBill and help Nigerians to understand and support the bill.

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