Two-day workshop for CODMAP Members to Improve Knowledge of the Maputo Protocol in Nigeria

Two-day workshop for CODMAP Members to Improve Knowledge of the Maputo Protocol in Nigeria

With support from Equality Now and SOAWR, Alliances for Africa (AfA), organized and facilitated a two-day workshop on increasing capacity of Coalition for the Domestication of the Maputo Protocol (CODMAP) on the provisions and Domestication process of the Maputo Protocol in Nigeria beyond ratification.

The workshop was held in Bolton White Hotel, Abuja on the 29th– 30th of June 2022, for select state and non-state actors; women-led feminist organizations, media, state actors who make up the CODMAP.

At the training, knowledge of CODMAP members was increased and strategic action plans were developed to be used to hold Nigerian Government accountable to domesticate the Protocol.

The Maputo Protocol is an international human rights document comprising of twenty-seven articles adopted by the African Union in Maputo Mozambique in 2003 in the form of a protocol to the African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights to address all forms of marginalization and discrimination of women.

The workshop adopted as its strategies for advocacy:

  • The use of social media campaign to disseminate key developments in the Maputo protocol
  • Influencing policy maker’s e.g. lobbying Assembly members at the NASS
  • Carrying out sensitization tours in schools, higher institutions and government agencies on the Maputo protocol.

They recommended that;

  • There is need to popularise contents of the Maputo in readable languages for easy understanding and assimilation.
  • The need to drive conversations around the protocol using the mainstream media and social media platforms.
  • Deliberate and internal mapping of stakeholders
  • Advocacies to the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative arm of government
  • Production of Information, education and communication materials speaking to provisions of the protocol.

Organizing conferences, symposiums and workshops, to further drive conversations

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