35 percent Affirmative Action, 35% Affirmative Action in Nigeria

Engaging 35% Affirmative Action in Southeast Nigeria

Engaging with 35% Affirmative Action for Women in Nigeria.
Stay tuned as we advocate for Gender Inclusion in Nigeria’s Political Sphere.

Anambra State 
UHF 24, Startimes CH 113
23rd March – 8:30PM
25th March – 8:30PM

Imo State
UHF 12, Startimes CH 103
27th March – 7:30PM
29th March – 6:30PM
1st April – 6:30PM

Enugu State
UHF 50, www.esbsenugu.tv
30th March – 6:30PM
6th April – 6:30PM
13th April – 6:30PM

Abia State
UHF 47
27th March 6:00PM
29th March – 6:00PM
3rd April – 6:00PM
5th April – 6:00PM
10th April – 6:00PM

#35PercentAA #AfA

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