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Did you know?

By voting, you can help shape the policies and decisions made by elected officials. It is an opportunity to voice your opinion, support candidates or parties that align with your values and beliefs, and contribute to the democratic process. Voting can also influence the outcome of elections and determine who will represent your interests.

To fulfill your responsibility as a voter,  this is way to go!

Register to vote: Ensure that you are registered as a voter in your jurisdiction. Check the requirements and deadlines for voter registration in your country or region.

Educate yourself: Learn about the candidates, their positions on important issues, and their track records. Understand the policies and initiatives that are being proposed. Research the parties or individuals running for office to make informed choices.

Participate in debates and discussions: Engage in conversations with friends, family, and community members about the election. Share and exchange viewpoints, listen to different perspectives, and challenge your own assumptions.

Go to the polling station:  Power still lies with the people. On the day of the election, visit your designated polling station during the given voting hours. Follow the instructions provided and cast your vote confidentially. NO VIOLENCE!

Encourage others to vote:  Spread awareness about the importance of voting and encourage others to participate in the electoral process. Engage in discussions and promote civic participation within your community.


Voting is an individual decision, and it’s essential to exercise your right responsibly by considering the information available and making choices based on your values and the issues that matter to you.

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