It is pertinent to emphasize on this human right day that all aspects of Nigerian Human rights requires significant improvement. The issue of abuse has gone unaccountable and perpetrators are not brought to book.  At state levels and in Imo state specifically, there are no laws protecting women and girls from violence. Government agencies  who should ensure safety and peace has long been involved in assault of civilians, illegal adoption, torture and other forms of violent and inhumane act. No wonder the campaign #EndSARS.

Rape, adolescent relationship abuse, online abuse and school related gender based violence is on the increase.  Violence and insecurity persists. The justice system runs without effective resources to ensure access to justice by victims of human right issues.  It’s not amazing that nothing is done to mitigate these issues. What is the future of human rights in Nigeria? Can we come to that point where human right issues are addressed with commitment?

Let’s not forget in a hurry that Human Rights are inalienable rights of every one. It remains the legal entitlement of every citizen which must be enjoyed without fear. At this point I call on the Law makers at national and state level to kindly reaffirm their commitment to human rights. Ratify laws and policies that protect and promote human rights #GEOBill  #MaputoProtocol #CEDAW  and ensure that perpetrators of human right abuses are held accountable.

Human Rights Day – December 10, 2017