Threat to Justice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.



AfA works to interface local, national, sub-regional and international initiatives on human rights, peace, and sustainable development, acting as a facilitator for the generation, and dissemination of information within the field pertinent to Africa.




AfA’s mission is to enhance and strengthen on a sustainable basis, local, national, sub-regional and international institutions in Africa, by being active in the monitoring, advancing, promoting and protection of human rights, peace, and sustainable development initiatives.

Sustainable development goals

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Advancing Her rights to an equal share
of national and cultural inheritance
#WithHer #AllWomen #MeToo

Minimum 35% Affirmative Action for Women in Political Leadership

See It, Say it, Say NO!

anti corruption in nigeria, anti-corruption policies in Nigeria,, see it say it say no, see it, say it, say no,

Join Millions of Nigerians in the Fight against Corruption

Keep Quiet

#See it

#Say it 

#Say No!!


Join in the fight against Corruption

Recent Events

  • Imo state committee on ending violence against women and girls (ISCEVAWG)
    • Quarterly Meeting to Review the Status of the Imo VAPP Bill and Strategies for Policy Success towards Ending Violence against Women and Girls in Imo State. 
  • Outreach Event
    • 27th May 2020
  • Radio Programme - Imo State

    Theme: Citizen support to End Violence can be actualised if we have a VAPP law in the state

    Wednesday, 20th May 2020.

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