Coalition for the Domestication of the Maputo Protocol (CODMAP) 2023 Review meeting

CODMAP Review meeting

In line with CODMAP one year strategic plan activities, the team identified the need to review all that we have done since inception; reviewing the CODMAP Score-Card using the Strategic Action Plan, spotlighting what worked well, challenges and gaps, noting best practices and lessons learnt in the course of undertaking these activities. We also found it necessary to update and refine our strategies, creating innovative strategic opportunities to advance the cause of CODMAP and finally to identify sustainability mechanisms for the coalition.

Dr. Dise Ogbise, founder of Dofoundation, appreciated  AfA for its strong sisterhood and coalition efforts. She commended Mrs. Duru Blessing, CODMAP leader, Programs Manager at Alliances for Africa, for exceptional leadership and resilience, awarding her for excellence. AfA was recognized for its positive impact on women and girls in Nigeria, receiving an award of excellence. Mrs. Duru reflected on her journey to feminist advocacy, emphasizing unity and partnership to ensure a safe Nigeria for women and girls.

To continue to promote the maputo protocol  the team agreed to act on the following:

  1. Advocacy to Federal Ministry of Women Affairs
  2. In-person training of young female lawyers
  3. Steering committee by geo-political zones
  4. Branding of CODMAP (website and logo)
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