Owo church attack

AfA Condemn Owo massacre Urge Government on Strategic Security Solution

We are saddened by the unprovoked attack on innocent worshippers at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic church, Owo in Ondo state, Nigeria that left scores dead especially women and children.

This act by faceless bandit is highly barbaric, condemnable and outrageous! Moreso, by the gruesome way, life was snuffed of these hapless citizens in such a brazen manner, while peacefully holding their Sunday worship.

The fact that up-till now no arrests have been made in connection to this dastard incident, further proves how porous and ineffective our security systems are in protecting lives and properties of citizens.

The spate of rising insecurity and brazen killings should be the primary cause of concern to the Nigerian government with an aim to put an end to this impeding malaise, especially as the country is warming up for another democratic election.

It is quite appalling that the Nigerian government continues to treat the rising insecurity with kids gloves rather than looking for strategic and critical solutions to end the epidemic ravaging the country.

For innocent worshippers to be hacked down in such manner, it becomes crystal clear that nowhere is safe in Nigeria. If a church can be brazenly attacked in broad day light, it leaves much to be desired.

We join forces with the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN to demand for a total overhauling of the security system and stop the recycling of terrorists in the name of de-radicalizing programme. It is crystal clear that this programme has become counter-productive.

There is need for training and retraining of security agencies as well as implement aggressively, all suggestions made from the security summits. It is high time the government move away from mere press statements and presidential visits to proffering, workable and strategic security solutions in line with global best practice to end these precarious situations.

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