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Young women’s activism and initiative competition


Leveraging young women’s activism and initiatives to address Systemic Inequalities in South-East Nigeria (Enugu & Ebonyi States)

October 26, 2021


Alliances for Africa (AfA) with support from the African Women Development Fund (AWDF) is implementing a project titled “Addressing Systemic Inequalities through increasing women’s voices and activism in South-East Nigeria”. The project is targeted at ending violence against women and girls through influencing change in discriminatory norms and practices and advocating for policy reforms that address the inequalities which subjugate women and girls to second-class citizens whilst empowering their male counterparts. On a daily basis, we see the manifestations of these inequalities which are embedded in systems and have overtime become acceptable as norms thus, denying women certain privileges, roles and positions in society. For instance, in some leadership spaces where men and women coexist, women and girls are often limited to running mates and deputies, thereby denying them the opportunity to maximize their potentials. Other forms of systemic inequalities include sonship preferences, disinheritance, gender-based discriminations /violence etc.

   As part of our activities to increase young women’s voices, activism, and participation, as well as spur initiatives and creativity in addressing systemic inequalities in Ebonyi and Enugu States, we are organizing a creative competition titled “Young women’s activism and initiative competition” Viz #YoungWomenActing competition. This competition seeks to indulge young women in critical thinking which will birth initiatives that address women’s issues in various niches of society. Young women are therefore required to voluntarily undertake choice projects that achieve the stipulated goal within a short time frame. It will involve identifying any form of systemic inequality, violence against women and girls (VAWG) or women’s right issues in any niche of their choice, in their state, developing concept notes that articulates the change process, implementing the strategy i.e taking actions to address the issue and reporting on the impact of their projects.

Hint: Your project should address systemic inequality or violence against women and girls by employing any of the following strategies, advocacy, awareness outreaches, art including painting, drama, dance, music, poetry, writing, social media activism such as campaigns using graphics or videos, storytelling, online convenings etc. Read more on systemic inequality by visiting

Criteria to join the YoungWomenActing competition; you must

  • Be female.
  • Be between the ages of 18-28years.
  • Reside in Enugu or Ebonyi States.
  • Be following Alliances for Africa across all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Be willing to attend the grand finale event in Enugu State if you qualify.
  • Submit concept note before 1st December, 2021.


NOTE: All PROJECTS MUST BE SELF SPONSORED i.e Participants should consider projects that require little or no cost.

What’s in it for you?


  • Winner: N50,000 cash prize, Award Certificate, profiling of her work on AfA and AWDF website and inauguration as AfA’s lead volunteer for her State.
  • 1st runner up 40,000 and Award Certificate and profiling on AfA website
  • 2nd runner up 30,000 and Award Certificate
  • All competitors who qualify to attend the grand-finale will receive a certificate of recognition/commendation from AfA for their outstanding contribution to addressing systemic inequality and advancing Gender Equality.
  • All participants will gain visibility amongst AfA’s donors and partners.

How to participate;

  • Send your current CV and a concept note (not more than two pages) describing the project including, the problem, the objective, the strategy, the expected outcome, timeline and Budget; on or before December 1st, 2021.
  • All concept notes should be sent to cc: with the subject; #YoungwomenActing Creative Competition.

Note that; Only projects approved by AfA will be implemented by the competitor. The approval will be sent as a reply to your email from any of the emails above.

  • Note that project implementation and reporting should be done, on or before December 6th, 2021.
  • All online engagements for this competition will be done using the hash tag #YoungWomenActing & 16daysofActivism tagging @AfAafrica & @AWDF.
  • For projects involving physical engagements, the #YoungWomenActing hash tags is a mandatory requirement on attendance sheets and placards used for the engagement and must be displayed on the photos and video reports.
  • For projects involving online engagements, digital fliers and other documents used must include the #YoungWomenActing hash tag.
  • Other projects involving any form of art must fuse the #YoungWomenActing into display
  • Pictures and video evidence of project must be shared on the day and time of implementation tagging Alliances for Africa across on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Please note that; AfA will share your posts and you will be expected to compete for the highest engagements (Likes/comments) as the first 10participants with the highest post engagements will be invited to attend the grand finale event alongside the winners and other participants. Other attendees will be selected based on the impact of their project.

Note; ALL Project approach must be HUMAN RIGHTS BASED.

Mode of Submission

Reporting: All reports should be submitted to cc: on or before midnight on November 30th, 2021. All reports must be submitted using the template provided by AfA upon approval of your project and must vividly articulate project impact.

Supporting documents such as photos and graphics, stories or scanned/clearly captured photo of attendance sheets, can be organized in a word document, well labelled (a brief description stating the date, activity & photo credit) and included as an attachment on the mail. A link will be provided for video reports and large file uploads upon request.



Entry Deadline: Before midnight December 1st, 2021.

Report Submission Deadline; Before midnight December 6th, 2021

Note that: Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to disqualification.


For further information and clarifications; kindly send an email to cc:


Looking forward to your entries.

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