strategic focus group work

AfA training on the role of civil society organizations and media in achieving the full implementation of 35% AA

Alliances for Africa (AfA) on 26th and 27th of February, 2018 organized a 2day workshop for civil society organizations and media practitioners on the theme: The Role of Civil Society Organizations and Media Practitioners in Supporting the Achievement of 35% Affirmative Action in South east Nigeria. This training was made possible with support from UNWomen Funds for Gender Equality (FGE) The training took place at San Diego Hotel Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Strategic focus group work

Startegic focus group work

The training was necessitated at a time when activities towards 2019 election have begun. It was important to begin discussions around how the media can influence the narratives if well equipped with a clear understanding of affirmative action and mechanism on how they can  support Affirmative Action geared towards making it possible for women to be visibly represented at all arms of political leadership. It was also an opportunity for CSO’s to integrate Affirmative Action into their activities at the different state levels.

The resourceful workshop was packed with information exposing the challenges of Affirmative Action in Nigeria, the best practices to reverse the downward representation of women in governance/leadership, overcoming political obstacles through creative investment, understanding gender and strategies to mainstream gender in Nigeria, strategic reporting to increase women’s political participation, changing media narratives to achieve gender equality and gender portrayal in media content, news and advertising.

As expected, there were specific targets for bringing participants (media and civil society organizations) together which include to increase the;

  • No of media reporting ( documentary, special reports, features, news commentaries and press conferences) on 35% AA in the 5 SE states
  • No of women politicians interviewed by media on matters relating to women participation in politics in the 5 SE state
  • No of capacity training by CSOs for women politicians across the 5 SE states on lobbying 35% AA
  • No of advocacies and campaigns by CSOs on 35% AA in the SE states
  • Mechanisms adopted both by media and CSOs in monitoring the implementation of 35% AA in the 5 SE states

    Participants identified sustainable strategies to reverse the downward representation of women in governance

These targets are the indicators for monitoring and evaluating follow up activities by participants to lobby, demand, and monitor implementation of 35% AA across the five (5) South East states in Nigeria in order to reverse the downward representation of women in governance in the south east