Alliances for Africa and #NGWomen4Peace calls for peace and inclusive governance


Women from across Nigeria met in Abuja on the 7th of September 2017, to discuss the need for a platform (NGWomen4Peace) through which women can raise voices about key issues impacting on women, children and families in general and to organize women to promote a stronger sense of ownership and belonging in the country, building our confidence to contribute positively to making a difference to the present alarming trajectory of our country.

NGWomen4Peace is a movement of women and women’s groups representing all parts Nigeria concerned with the current state of affairs and focused on ensuring that Nigeria remains a country of peace, prosperity and participation for all.

Nigerian women has observed an increased wave of hate speech and inciting statements, increased spate of violent conflicts in the country, that women who bear the brunt of violent conflict are not consulted when ethnic, religious and political groups publish their statements which threatens the peace and security of Nigerians, that despite almost two decades of activism, women are still not proportionally represented in politics, peace and security decision making and governance. Nigerian women acknowledge the efforts of the security sector, the humanitarian community, CSO, religious and traditional authorities and individuals who are trying to manage the problem.

Nigerian women demands dialogue and de-escalation, calling for an immediate cessation of all hostilities around the country whilst advocating for the inclusion of women in the process of de-escalation and dialogue to act as active participants, negotiators, referees, observers and peace keepers. Nigerian women also demand for an increasing active and full participation of women in politics, peace and security negotiations, decision making, conflict resolution and peace agreements. Nigerian women live in hope for a better Nigeria, where every individual has equal opportunities to be the best they can be for themselves and their communities; we can build the country of our dream without sacrificing the lives of the innocents.

#NGWomen4Peace marked the 2017 Independence Day with the first ever #WhiteBlouseDay social media campaign to notify Nigeria and the international communities on the Nigerian Women’s demand for peace and zero tolerance for hare speeches.