Democracy Day

Democracy Day: Alliances for Africa Demands for The Restoration of Peace and Order in Imo State

Alliances for Africa joins well-meaning Nigerians today, as she marks yet another celebration of the nation’s democracy day.

Democracy celebration indeed remains a milestone for every country, more as it rekindles the push for democratic tenets for its citizens.

Democracy consists of four key elements, a political system, for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections, the active participation of the people as citizens in politics and civic life, protection of the human rights of all citizens and a rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens”

Recently, we have watched with dismay the current insecurity that has engulfed the South East. With Imo State experiencing wanton destruction of security infrastructures, senseless killings of security operatives by unknown gunmen, retaliatory and reprisal extra judicial executions and attacks on unarmed civilians by alleged security operatives, increased sexual and gender based violence, and bloodletting.

Current events have threatened the peace and security of citizens. All these actions clearly go against the ideals of democracy in respect to protection of human rights for all especially women, girls, and our most vulnerable citizens including the disabled and elderly.

As a feminist women’s-led organization, we are deeply saddened by the turn of events that have led women to forcefully be pushed to experience widowhood, extreme poverty, death of a child/ern, by the present situation unfolding in Imo State.

AfA stands on her mission to advance, monitor, promote, and protect the human rights, peace and sustainable development initiatives of our communities. We, hereby implore the government at all levels to as a matter of urgency, to initiate critical peace building and conflict resolution initiatives to curb the insecurity, restore peace and reassure the community.

We further encourage citizens to demand for the removal of the military operatives, an end to further killings and the unlawful detention of innocent citizens.

We demand justice for those killed, psychosocial support for the bereaved families, and anyone else caught up in the mayhem.

We implore the government to uphold all the ideals of democracy as a sign of respect to fundamental human rights of citizens whom they serve.

About AfA: Alliances for Africa is an international African led non-governmental human rights, peace and sustainable development organization. AfA works with partners in around and beyond the continent of Africa to advocate for the protection of human rights; promotion of women’s participation in leadership and governance; build institutional capacity; advocate for gender justice, equality and non discrimination, as well as promoting peace, security and conflict resolution interventions.

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