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Call for Expression of Interest for a Media Consultant

Call for Expression of Interest for a Media Consultant on Strategy for Creating Citizens
Awareness and Engagement through Social Innovation messages for traditional and

social media engagement in Enugu and Ebonyi States Nigeria

Background: Alliances for Africa (AfA) an International, African led, Non-
governmental human right, peace and sustainable development organization
is currently implementing a project with supports from MacArthur Foundation and
Yaradua Foundation on sustaining and deepening anti-corruption and accountability
efforts in Enugu and Ebonyi state in Nigeria also hope to create and support a
community of practice on transparency and accountability through mass and social
media platforms.

Terms of Reference:
1. The Media Consultant is expected to have a team comprises of:
 Content Analyst
 Content Developer
 Graphics Designer
 Researcher

2. To work directly with AfA Programme staff to organize base line studies, state
based Interactive Focus group discussion with women, youths, communities
representatives, FBOs, CSOs representatives from relevant institutions, elected
officials and aspiring politicians aimed at agreeing on the best message to adopt
based on the anti-corruption, accountability and transparency campaign.

3. Designing and airing of a musical Jingle in Igbo / English to create awareness on
anti-corruption, accountability and transparency campaign via, radio messaging,
creating commercials, sitcoms, YouTube videos like VEEP in the chosen states;

4. Production of advocacy Media Pack for media use.

Duration: The duration of the Contract is from March 2019 – June 30 2020 i.e.

Budget: The budget will be discussed only with shortlisted Consultants.

1. Reports/Pictures from Interactive FGDs and Attendance Sheets
2. Monthly musical jingle/commercial in Igbo and English for airing i.e. 30 Jingles
3. Quarterly Radio Messaging i.e. 5 Radio Messages for the duration of the contract
4. Monthly YouTube videos for the duration in the chosen States i.e 15 videos
5. Production of an advocacy Media Pack
6. Monthly Graphic content on accountability and transparency
7. Quarterly Publication on anti-corruption, accountability and transparency;

Required Qualifications and Experience of Consultant: The Consultant is
required to have at least 5 or more years of experience working in similar field.
Additional experience in development communication will be an added advantage.
Kindly click on the link below to complete the application process.


Deadline: Applicants are to send in their expression of interest plus their detailed CV
and any link online to their previous work not later than Sunday 17 th February 2019 to and copy Only
Shortlisted Candidates will be contacted via email.

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