AFA’s activities are organized into four Programmatic interventions namely

Human rights, peace, and poverty/sustainable development

 AfA promotes the advancement of a culture of peace through the development and implementation of initiatives that empower and involve individuals and communities; Enhance and develop long-term relationships required to sustain the development of human rights awareness; Foster sustainable human rights, peace and development initiatives.

A section of school-age girls receiving training on Reproductive health and rights of the girl child. Supported by AWDF

Women in Politics/ Governance Meetings under the UNWomen FGE Project

Coalition building, monitoring, and networking

AfA facilitates collaboration with inter-governmental and international NGOs working in Africa or running programmes relevant to Africa. AfA facilitates access for African Civil Society or Community initiatives to international or inter-governmental organs affecting public policy on human rights and peace issues on the continent. AfA also builds institutional capacity and long-term programmatic support for local, national and sub-regional African organizations.

AfA assists partners to implement sound organizational practice, transparency, full external and internal accountability as well as effective collaborations with organizations and individuals.

Round table conference advocating for peace in Nigeria with support from Urgent Action fund

Road walk to mark 16 Days of Activism 2017. Themed: Asserting 35% Affirmative Action (AA)

Training and Capacity-building

AfA contributes to and promotes women’s participation in politics and the economy, as members of civil society in human rights, peace, and sustainable development initiatives and in governance;   AfA also builds the leadership capacities of African women and their organizations.

A section of Male politicians at GADA/ AfA Gender Sensitivity Workshop in Enugu (UNWomen FGE Project)

Capacity Building training for Women in Politics on 35% AA with support from UNWomen FGE

Gender Justice and Advocacy

AfA supports full litigation and development of jurisprudence on the protocol on Women’s Rights in Africa. Facilitating more focused attention to gender-based violations and implementation of international, regional and local treaties and instruments; the standards for women’s rights protection in the African Commission on Human and Peoples rights and the African Court of Human and People’s Rights. AfA further undertakes research and public advocacy in support of the above women’s rights.

                AfA legal Officer at the ECOWAS court Abuja.

Road walk involving women and young girls to campaign against baby factories in Imo state with Support from AWDF